‘The Winnett House’ is a registered Education Consulting company which originated in Canada in 1992 and relocated its base operations to Australia in 2018.

Owned and managed wholly by Angela Younger, with Associates in related educational fields, ‘The Winnett House’ offers a personalized service facilitating applications to select Australian Universities at the Under Graduate and Post Graduate levels to both professionals and students in Canada and the USA.

Additionally, a specialist service is provided to those in both the Veterinary and Wildlife fields for Internships, Placements, CPD and short-term Practicums inclusive of Wildlife and Marine programs. These services are offered to those in N America and Australia/New Zealand, for individual Applicants as well as through their own Tertiary providers (Study Abroad, Clinical placement, etc)

Counselling on all programs along with the Application process is fully supported on a one-to-one basis.

Agents from China, Malaysia, and the USA meet with Director, Angela Younger, at the 2007 ICEF Beijing Workshop.


Students at selected Colleges and Universities are presented information on carefully vetted programs and providers. Service to students is personalized, with involvement of families and career advisors encouraged.

Providers can expect professional presentation of their programs in the selected schools, at Education Fairs, and through the extensive networking system ‘The Winnett House’ has established over a number of years.